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Are You A Yo-Yo?

Why it’s so damn hard to maintain weight loss results, and what can we do about it? Going up and down the stairs is a very good physical activity, but when it’s your weight that is constantly going up and down like a Yo-Yo, then it’s a different story.              …

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Here’s a secret

Here’s a secret: the “Eat Less Exercise More = reduce weight and keep it off” equation DOESN’T WORK! How many times have you heard this “helpful” (not to say patronizing) recommendation “just eat less and exercise more” from people around you? From your physician? From mom? Most optimists hoping to succeed with a willpower based …

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What is the Best Diet?

You are probably asking yourself “What is the Best Diet?” would it be Keto, Paleo, Dubrow, vegan, diet supplements, HIIT workout, other? But, this is simply the wrong question to ask! Instead, you better ask: “What is the best weight loss aid for ME?”, or for a specific person. And if you wish to be …

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