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Shoshi M.

Stage Performer

With my hand on my heart I couldn’t believe it would work – after all, what I love doesn’t really have smell .. But I decided to try – why not ?? It is not pharmacological.
NozNoz really changes my cravings for food. In my opinion, it does affect the brain and not the nose at all .. I put the NozNoz in the nose and all the foods that are so hard for me to resist – I just don’t care for them. I can invite friends over to my house and serve them delicious dishes and snacks, and I just don’t touch anything – no struggle and no need for “willpower” – simply when I’m with NozNoz I really don’t want all that food. And even at meals, I eat a lot less and feel full. I am much less hungry in general, and I really lost my crave for sweets and snacks. It’s a dream! I have recommended to my sisters and girlfriends to use NozNoz!

עינת מ

Einat M.

Gym Trainer

I thought it would be hard for me to get used to the NozNoz but after a few days of gradual use I managed. I use NozNoz during lunch and dinner and when I’m with my daughter. When I’m with NozNoz, I’m just not hungry, and ice-cream with my girl – which is one of my favourite snacks – I just cease craving it, I buy only for her now … – When I am with NozNoz, I eat much less and much healthier and without any difficulty or a fight. I recommend NozNoz to the people I train and to anyone who wish to lose weight easily!

רועי מ

Roei B.

Software Engineer

Most of the day I’m in front of the computer, working hard ..  and I like good food and cheesecakes. I decided to take control over my weight: gym trainings and daily use of NozNoz so that I do not devour afterwards, do the work!! NozNoz helps me eat less and actually prefer healthy food over unhealthy- and I’m simply less hungry -Also I don’t crave or even want fried foods and sweet (yes including cheesecakes) and it helps me lose weight. I recommend NozNoz to anyone who wants to lose weight easily and without medication.

גילה ב

Galia B

Travel Agent

For a long time I wanted to drop off those few kilos that got stacked on me.  And it was hard. I almost despaired. I started to use NozNoz- I thought it worth a try!

I simply put NozNoz in my nose once I got home from work. I used NozNoz from the afternoon until the night – since these are the hours when I would eat the most.
Even when I got home starving, immediately when I put NozNoz in, I was no longer hungry.
NozNoz helped me to eat less, in an orderly and healthy manner, without hunger, without temptations.
And I succeeded! I reached my goal weight in a month! It just works!
Now, I use NozNoz about a day a week when I feel like I might be out of the track of healthy eating or when I’m afraid I’ll be too exposed to temptation. I highly recommend it!


Yahav S.

Marketing Professional

A serious injury made me stop doing sports. 
I used to ride my bicycle several times a week and I ate accordingly.
Shoulder injury made me stop exercising but it was very difficult for me to change the amounts of food I used to eat, or better say: to change what I eat. It was hard to quit the chocolate and sweets I needed after training, so I started gaining weight. NozNoz stopped it.
Now with NozNoz I do not enjoy sweet food any longer, I feel that something is missing in the flavor and in the overall enjoyment, and I say it for the better! Because when the chocolate and sweets stopped being so delicious, I started to eat much healthier food that made me stop the weight gain and now I started to lose weight – back to my original weight. Thank you NozNoz!

Marina K. NozNoz helped me lose weight & reduce food cravings

Marina K.

Marketing Manager

bottom line: I lose weight!! easily!
I’m using noznoz during my meals, and particularly I use it during every large meal. I still don’t use it all the time because it still causes me a bit of runny nose.
When I’m with noznoz, I eat much less and without recruiting any self-discipline or “will power” – I simply really don’t want to eat so much and I don’t need all that food! I become full from much smaller amounts of food. I’m not sure how exactly, but NozNoz silences my food cravings in general and suppresses my appetite. The bottom line- with noznoz I eat much less.
and the Real bottom line: I lose weight!! easily! It’s working, and it’s amazing!!
…And regarding the little bit of runny nose- Frankly- I couldn’t care less! Seriously -Who cares!! I’m SKINNIER and SEXIER and I’m loving it!!! That’s it!
I highly recommend noznoz!

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