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What is the Best Diet?

Published on:

August 5, 2019

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You are probably asking yourself “What is the Best Diet?” would it be Keto, Paleo, Dubrow, vegan, diet supplements, HIIT workout, other?
But, this is simply the wrong question to ask!

Instead, you better ask: “What is the best weight loss aid for ME?”, or for a specific person. And if you wish to be more realistic, then ask: “What is the right combination of weight loss aids that will best work for ME?”

There are dozens of already identified biological causes for having an excessive weight! And each person may have several of them. Do you really believe there is a single “silver-bullet” solution out-there that is capable to target them all??? Think again!

It’s similar to trying to cure all cancer types with a single therapy. Maybe someday we will have such solution and it will be possible. But we all understand that this is not realistic for the very near future.
..And….To our humble opinion, the hard truth is that obesity (or better said: Obesities) treatment is lagging behind many other diseases, and there is no single “one size fits all” solution for it on the horizon.

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