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How to reduce sugar consumption

Published on:

June 14, 2019

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Want to Reduce Sugar Consumption? We may be able to help you!

A wellness wearable named NozNoz may help reduce sugar consumption ( And without suffering so much... )

Appetite Suppressant

We were born to love sweet:
for most babies- sweet is the preferred taste. And as we know, sugar is the essential basis of it. This sweet magic helps us feel good when we eat it.

But NozNoz may help-
In a small proof of concept clinical trial, with 65 participates completing: 37 used NozNoz, and 25-control, significantly more participants that used NozNoz, compared to control, reported they reduced consumption of SUGAR, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and SWEET BEVERAGES.
Data were highly significant especially for people age 50 or younger.

Try it! if it works for you- you will earn a great drug free companion to help you daily to reduce cravings for sweet and to manage your weight.

What is NozNoz and how you use is

NozNoz™ is a soft light weight wellness wearable, specially designed for the nostrils. It reduces the sense of smell while enabling comfortable breathing through the nose. Drug Free -It doesn’t contain any active ingredients – NozNoz™ operates on a purely mechanical level.
Easy to put in, easy to take  out at any time. NozNoz™ is designed for comfort. 

             Simple, safe  and Cool!

Why we like sugar so much? And why is it so difficult to reduce consumption of it?

Sugar is all around us. It helps us feel good when we eat it. And it’s not just a “feeling”: consuming sugar is assumed to activate the reward mechanism in the brain and to produce dopamine – and that makes us feel great! Some think that we might even become addicted to sugar. One way or another- whether it’s a natural wish or an acquired behavior, addiction or just craving-it is very difficult to reduce sugar consumption.

But, is sugar really so bad to our body? And what about artificial sweeteners?

The body needs sugar BUT it is estimated that an average western person consumes much more sugar than the recommended amount per day. Excess sugar intake doesn’t only lead to weight gain but it might also contributes to other medical conditions and health risks for example: diabetes. For few decades people have been trying to reduce the consumption of sugar by using artificial sweeteners as a substitute. Recently artificial sweeteners have been assumed to promote the development of diabetes as well.

The small (yet ground breaking) proof of concept clinical trial

In our small (yet ground breaking) proof of concept 3 months clinical trial of adults suffering from obesity, 65 participants completed the trial per protocol, 37 in the NozNoz group- they used the product 5-12 hours a day, and 28 in the control group used saline as a placebo diet aid. Both arms received clinical dietician consultation once in 2 weeks to reduce about 500Kcal/day.
In this study, significantly more participants in the NozNoz group compared to control, reported reduced consumption of: SWEET BEVERAGES, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and SUGAR. (This data was obtained through a validated questionnaire.) The results were even more significant for people age 50 years or younger.
We think this is because smelling capacity starts to decline at the age of 50 years. But there may be other reasons for it.

This small proof of concept clinical trial was conducted in 2 leading medical centers in Israel. The study was approved by the medical centers’ ethical committees and by the Israeli ministry of health, and was led by Dr. Dror Dicker. This study was funded by Beck Medical

% of participants reporting consuming:

How NozNoz Works?

NozNoz is non-invasive drug free wearable- It acts mechanically. NozNoz simply directs air to flow beyond the olfactory area in the nose. 

You can put NozNoz in or take it out at any time – once you take it out you will return to smell normally. 

NozNoz is fully concealed in the nose 

Because the NOSE KNOWS the way to HEALTHY EATING

And why reducing smelling capacity with NozNoz reduced consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners in the trial?

Well, the fact is that we don’t know for sure. There are dozens of studies referring to olfactory system and metabolic function and the picture is nuanced and complex. It requires further investigation.
A few key points we know:

  • Smelling organ in the nose- the olfactory system- is connected to the brain including to areas in relation with emotions, reward and metabolism. In addition, olfactory organ itself physically comprises receptors for many metabolic related hormones.
  • Smelling is connected to our food preferences and food choices, to our appetite, hunger, metabolism, and to our weight.
  • And in our small proof of concept clinical trial:


    • Significantly more people in the NozNoz group compared to control, reported they reduced sugar and artificial sweeteners consumption.
    • NozNoz also significantly reduced body weight for people age 50 years or younger relatively to control (actually it almost doubled the weight loss for this age group)
So, to summary, it is our hypothesis that decreasing the sense of smell may contribute to healthy eating including reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners consumption.

We assume NozNoz will help many people, but it will not help all because:

  • We are not the same and different aids fit different people.
  • For some people NozNoz will not be comfortable to use.

It’s worth a try! You may actually succeed!!

NozNoz Nasal Device to Boost Weight Loss


It is a high quality product

  • The brand name: NozNoz is – Because the NOSE KNOWS the way.
  • Made out of a high quality soft bio-compatible material suitable to the human nose.
  • Manufacture according to ISO-13485 high quality standard.
  • NozNoz comprises the most advanced technologies in this field.
  • NozNoz is patented.
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