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Here’s a secret

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August 14, 2019

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Here’s a secret: the “Eat Less Exercise More = reduce weight and keep it off” equation DOESN’T WORK!

How many times have you heard this “helpful” (not to say patronizing) recommendation “just eat less and exercise more” from people around you? From your physician? From mom? Most optimists hoping to succeed with a willpower based program, will soon realize their willpower might use a boost when it comes to transforming weight loss into an enduring habit.

Losing weight is not a onetime giant willpower driven effort. You pass it and that’s it – job done. Weight loss is about reaching a hard to achieve personal goal, and maintaining it – Every day! For life! 
For the very most of us – will power alone is not enough to succeed with staying on such a new track of behavior. It is simply too damn difficult! It’s like asking a “regular” person to climb Mount Everest summit alone.

Mastering a healthy weight management way of living for most people will require an External Daily Physiological Aid. This aid could be in the form of a wellness aid, device, medication, or other. Together with trial and error for choosing your personal diet/exercise plan, this should be part of your process aimed at reaching the best personalized weight management Combination of Solutions for YOU.

Want to learn more? Wait for our next post 
and in the meantime read about one possible external daily drug-free aid:

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