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Drug-Free – It works on a mechanical level

NozNoz is designed as a daily wearable weight management companion. While inserted and positioned in the nose, NOZNOZ directs airflow away from the olfactory receptors located at the roof of the nose, thus reducing the sense of smell, yet, users are still able to normally breathe through the nose.
The nose is similar to a subconscious radar on a constant search for food and other signals. By directing air to bypass the olfactory area in the nose, NOZNOZ basically adds “static” to this primal radar, seeking to make it easier for NOZNOZ users to stop thinking about food all the time, and help promote weight loss and change their food preferences towards a healthier diet.

NozNoz- A soft small nasal device. Easy to put in, Easy to take ou

Comfortable and Discreet

Designed for daily use- fully concealed in the nose

NOZNOZ is a lightweight wearable made out of soft material, specifically planned to fit to the unique nasal anatomy, and serve as a daily diet companion. It is designed to be invisible and comfortable. Once it’s in the nose, it will not be seen from front or profile view. NozNoz is similar to contact lenses – only for the nose: You can put it in the morning, wear it throughout your day and take it out at night. You can use NozNoz for up to 12 hours a day during your waking hours.

Why Target The Nose?

The olfactory system is connected to weight and eating

The sense of smell is like a subconscious radar that is always ON searching for food. It is the most primal sense capable to evoke a reflex physiological and emotional reaction without going through a cognitive phase. Furthermore, our olfactory area includes receptors for many metabolic related hormones, and is directly connected to the reward centers, amygdala and hypothalamus in the brain, giving it full access to the body’s emotion and metabolic systems. Scent can trigger the release of hormones that affect hunger, satiety, and other metabolic aspects closely connected to weight and eating behaviour. The amygdala connects the scents it receives to emotions and memories, and the reward system influences addictions and cravings. Reducing the reach of scent to the olfactory area may help promote weight loss and healthy eating.


Weight loss and weight management are daily efforts that continues throughout life.

We know how hard it is to lose weight. We know it’s even harder to keep it off. NozNoz may enhance your efforts, and ease your way. Simple, drug free aid for daily use. Stop being a Yo-Yo – try NozNoz- to help you manage your weight.


There is no single "Silver-Bullet” solution for weight loss

Weight loss and weight management are a personal challenge. Different weight loss aids work best for different people. There is no magic solution that fits all. NozNoz may be effective for many people, offering a substantial boost to their daily weight management efforts – but not for all. Try NozNoz – If it works for you – you will feel great, and you will be enjoying a drug free, safe aid – to help you – every day.
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