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Thanksgiving Fasting Diet

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November 24, 2019

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Preparations for Thanksgiving: cooking, eating and… Fasting???
Do you consider fasting to lose weight?

Thanksgiving is a great holiday! A chance for all the family and friends to get together and spend quality time arguing over politics. And… oh ye, and EAT! A LOT!

So, how can we get through thanksgiving without gaining weight, or how can we lose weight in general?

More and more diets nowadays are based on fasting as part of their routine. Some suggest for example 8 hours eating window a day and 16 hours fasting, or having 5 days a week eating and 2 days fasting (drinking water/tea is allowed), or 6 days eating 1 day fasting, or 12 hours eating 12 hours fasting a day, and so on.

Question is: does it really help? Does fasting actually help you lose weight?

Recent data presented at the obesity week 2019, suggested that eating 8 hours and fasting 16 hours daily, in accordance with your biological clock, induce positive metabolic effects over body, such as: lower insulin levels, lower insulin resistance and lower blood pressure together with very mild weight loss.

As of other fasting oriented diets, well, it seems they have the same results over weight as a regular reduced calories diet – without fasting. Also- they didn’t show any significant benefits over metabolic status.

To summarize: some methods of fasting might have positive metabolic effects, but looking through weight loss lens, and averagely speaking- it might not be the best solution (plus, it’s really hard!).

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