Your nose is connected to your weight and diet - NozNoz

Your nose is connected to your weight and diet

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July 16, 2019

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Things you didn’t imagine about your… NOSE and its tight connection to your weight and diet

You think you should "close your mouth" to eat less? Actually you better “close your nose”

The nose is a key player in our food choices and hunger. It is tightly connected to our metabolic cycle

Smells of food make us want to eat:

We become hungry for the smelled food even if we had just eaten

We all know that feeling, when we pass by a bakery and the smell of delicious bakes tingles our nose, sending high alerts to our stomach. We then become hungry in seconds, and we crave for those specific bakes. And so we find ourselves, minutes later, in one way or another – eating that food or a similar one. This may happen also if we weren’t hungry at all in the first place, or even if we had just eaten a short while earlier, for example: try to recall what the smell of popcorn does to you at a movie theater, just after you had dinner… or how did you react to the smell of hot chocolate after you just finished the main course of a meal…did you take the desert??

And guess what: food smells seem to have the strongest affect over those who really care about their weight and eating.

Meet NozNoz

A new drug free wellness device that reduces smelling capacity, may promote weight loss and healthy eating:
NozNoz is a unique drug free product, specially designed by experts to wear in the nose to reduce smelling capacity. High quality product that is aimed to provide you with comfort and efficacy. It may serve you well in your fight for healthy weight and healthy eating.

What exactly is NozNoz and how you use is

NozNoz™ is a wellness nasal device designed for the nose- it decreases smelling and allows
comfortable breathing. It’s like contact lenses-only for the nose, for daily use. Personal- fully hidden in the nose. Chic and & cool- this new personal assistance is fully concealed in the nose. And and it comes with a beautiful case
to carry around in your pocket or purse.

Because the NOSE KNOWS the way to HEALTHY EATING

There is much more in that:

Nose is a key player in our food choices and hunger. It is tightly connected to our metabolic cycle
It sounds very simple: food smells lead to hunger to same or similar foods. But actually there is much more in it than you would imaging. We all know that eating is not only about our stomach but it is more about our head. Well- allow me to be more specific: it is much about our NOSE. Our nose-this small innocent organ- that is usually overlooked when it comes to metabolic function- seems to encompass a big secret: In its smelling organ- the olfactory –the nose comprises receptors for many metabolic related hormones. For part of these hormones, it was found that the olfactory contains their largest representation of the entire brain. And more than that: Nose (via olfactory) has connection to several hormonal, emotional and eating related brain areas. Smelling seems to affect more than just the temptations and eating experience, it may affect our food choices and preferences, our hunger and satiety, our energy balance and to our weight in general. The connection between olfactory and all these aspects (and more) is complex and the picture is nuanced and interesting, and as researchers continue to explore this field, we understand that there is a strong connection between smelling and our food related behavior

So how NozNoz decreases smelling?

NozNoz is drug free
Olfactory –physically comprises receptors for many metabolic related hormones, and is connected to brain. Reducing smelling may have beneficial effect over our food preferences and weight.
NozNoz acts mechanically: it directs air to bypass the olfactory system.

Are you continuously fighting to lose weight and keep kilos off?

Try decreasing your smelling capacity to promote weight loss and healthy eating – this is our hypotheses
Are you continuously fighting to lose weight and to keep kilos off? Try decreasing your smelling capacity and see if it helps you. If yes- you may earn yourself a simple and a safe tool to help you manage your weight for life.
After realizing the complexity and the tight connection between smelling and weight management we came up with this simple hypotheses: Reducing smelling may promote weight loss and healthy eating. Our hypotheses says that decreasing smelling may not only reduce food smells’ temptations, but it may also help your brain in general to refer to the real needs of your body, and as a result it may:

  • Help you prefer healthy foods over un-healthy ones;
  • Signal your brain that you are satiated;
  • Change the manner your brain and body perceive the calories eaten and the bodily decision of what to do with them: Burn them? Deposit and store? Other?

This is our simple hypothesis, and further studies shall be conducted for verifying it.

But until such complex studies will take place on humans, you can simply check NozNoz to see if it helps you- It is so simple- definitely worth a try!


NozNoz requires a short adaptation period of about 2 weeks. Like contact lenses. We estimate most people will succeed to adapt to it, but not all.

It is a high quality product

  • We use a high quality soft bio-compatible material, especially suited to the human nose. Evaluated according to ISO-10993
  • We manufacture NozNoz according to the ISO-13485 high quality standard.
  • Different experts joined forces to develop and prepare
    NozNoz. It is a state of the art product.
  • NozNoz is patented.
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