NOZNOZ to Boost Weight Loss &Help Suppress Appetite Drug-Free


I lost 4 kg
I lost 4 kg (8.8lb)
I lost 17.5kg (38.5lb)
I eat much less
I lost 6kg (13.2lb)
I lost 7kg (15.4lb)
I lost 3kg (6.6lb)
I lost 10kg (22lb)
I ceased snacking
NozNoz™ is an innovative wearable nasal insert, designed to help you suppress appetite, eat less & boost weight loss. Does not interfere with breathing through the nose
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NozNoz reduces odors and signals to your brain that control your hunger, cravings, and eating.
Don't let your food cravings lead you by the nose. NO long-term effects on your sense of smell
Easier than wearing contact lenses!
simply insert in your nose all day or during mealtime, remove at ANY time


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NOZNOZ™ Users Ate 50% Less:


NozNoz Nasal Device to Boost Weight Loss

NozNoz™ is a small soft wearable nasal insert, designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and maintain the results over time.

NozNoz™ reduces the reach of odours & signals to the olfactory area/brain to help suppress appetite, reduce sugar intake and reduce sweets craving, to boost weight loss. NozNoz may serve as the best way to boost weight loss, for many people.

What is the best way to lose weight? There is no single weight loss solution that fits all people. Weight loss and weight management are lifelong practices, and each person can find the solution or the combination of solutions that work for them. It’s a trial and error.

NozNoz™ can be used as a stand-alone weight-management companion, or as a great addition to any diet plan you choose. TRY IT!

What makes NozNoz a great weight loss companion?

Drug free
Does not include
any form of medicine

Once you adapt
you’ll forget it’s there

Two sizes to match
many noses

Targets primal
hunger mechanisms

What The Nose knows? Or Why Target The Nose?

NozNoz-Seamlessly wear in the nose -Helps Suppress Appetite &Boost Weight Loss

The sense of smell (olfactory area in the nose) is physically part of our brain, that directly influences our: cravings &addiction (reward centers), emotions (amygdala) and metabolic functions (ex: hunger) in the brain. This makes the nose a powerful key to our eating and weight. By reducing odors & signals from the olfactory area, NozNoz™ may help suppress appetite, reduce sugar intake and boost weight loss.

NozNoz™ is a small Drug Free nasal device that decreases the odors/signals from olfactory area without interfering with breathing through the nose.

NozNoz™ is designed for comfort. It requires a short period to adapt and most users will successfully adapt to it. LEARN MORE >

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My name is Assaf Dagan, I’m 43 years old from Israel From childhood I was overweight, and I got to a point where it affected all my metrics and it was difficult for me to perform simple actions. I tried a lot of diets and things that did not work. My days started in the morning with eating and continued with eating throughout the day. Bread, wafers, chocolates, snacks, pastries. And my wife is also a confectioner who bakes at home … I reached 145 kg. My wife saw an ad and suggested I try NozNoz. I was skeptical, I thought it was just one of those things people are trying to sell me. But I had nothing to lose. I was already on the verge of gastric bypass surgery. I started adjusting to the product on a Thursday. It is something that is stuck in the nose and needs to get used to. Within a few days I was already feeling comfortable with the product. After a week or two the product has already become a part of me. I really did not feel it. Together with this- I wasn’t hungry, I had no sense of food. I started replacing junk food with healthy food, calamatine instead of candy, changing all habits. And the weight – I really started to lose weight. The change I went through is unbelievable! I lost over 17.5 kg (38 pounds) in 3 months and completely change my lifestyle. NozNoz created for me the awareness that it is possible to succeed! Made me believe it was possible! Made me believe in myself! I am in a very profound change today. From a situation where I barely walked 200m I today participate in various races and do marathons. I became an active person. The change is clearly seen in the end! This product works in the end, and for me it worked completely.
children, and I am constantly juggling between work and chores at home. After the births, my self-esteem decreased so I decided to take matter into my own hand and lose some weight. I managed to lose a few extra kilograms and.. I was stuck.. I didn’t manage to lose anymore weight, and it was clear to me that I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way.So I started using NozNoz, I put NozNoz every day from 2:30 PM until I go to bad. NozNoz helps me eat less, consume less sugar and sweets and guess what? Also keep losing weight! What a joy!! I successfully keep losing weight in a healthy way. No menus, no medicines, simple and easy! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way.
bottom line: I lose weight!! easily! I’m using noznoz during my meals, and particularly I use it during every large meal. I still don’t use it all the time because it still causes me a bit of runny nose. When I’m with noznoz, I eat much less and without recruiting any self-discipline or “will power” – I simply really don’t want to eat so much and I don’t need all that food! I become full from much smaller amounts of food. I’m not sure how exactly, but NozNoz silences my food cravings in general and suppresses my appetite. The bottom line- with noznoz I eat much less. and the Real bottom line: I lose weight!! easily! It’s working, and it’s amazing!! …And regarding the little bit of runny nose- Frankly- I couldn’t care less! Seriously -Who cares!! I’m SKINNIER and SEXIER and I’m loving it!!! That’s it! I highly recommend noznoz!
I thought it would be hard for me to get used to the NozNoz but after a few days of gradual use I managed. I use NozNoz during lunch and dinner and when I’m with my daughter. When I’m with NozNoz, I’m just not hungry, and ice-cream with my girl – which is one of my favourite snacks – I just cease craving it, I buy only for her now … – When I am with NozNoz, I eat much less and much healthier and without any difficulty or a fight. I recommend NozNoz to the people I train and to anyone who wish to lose weight easily!
For a long time I wanted to drop off those few kilos that got stacked on me.  And it was hard. I almost despaired. I started to use NozNoz- I thought it worth a try!I simply put NozNoz in my nose once I got home from work. I used NozNoz from the afternoon until the night – since these are the hours when I would eat the most. Even when I got home starving, immediately when I put NozNoz in, I was no longer hungry. NozNoz helped me to eat less, in an orderly and healthy manner, without hunger, without temptations. And I succeeded! I reached my goal weight in a month! It just works! Now, I use NozNoz about a day a week when I feel like I might be out of the track of healthy eating or when I’m afraid I’ll be too exposed to temptation. I highly recommend it!
With my hand on my heart I couldn’t believe it would work – after all, what I love doesn’t really have smell .. But I decided to try – why not ?? It is not pharmacological. NozNoz really changes my cravings for food. In my opinion, it does affect the brain and not the nose at all .. I put the NozNoz in the nose and all the foods that are so hard for me to resist – I just don’t care for them. I can invite friends over to my house and serve them delicious dishes and snacks, and I just don’t touch anything – no struggle and no need for “willpower” – simply when I’m with NozNoz I really don’t want all that food. And even at meals, I eat a lot less and feel full. I am much less hungry in general, and I really lost my crave for sweets and snacks. It’s a dream! I have recommended to my sisters and girlfriends to use NozNoz!
Most of the day I’m infront of the computer, working hard .. and I like good food and cheesecakes. I decided to take control over my weight: gym trainings and daily use of NozNoz so that I do not devour afterwards- do the work!! NozNoz helps me eat less and actually prefer healthy food over unhealthy- and I’m simply less hungry -Also I don’t crave or even want fried foods and sweets (yes including cheesecakes) and it helps me lose weight. I recommend NozNoz to anyone who wants to lose weight easily and without medication.
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