Assaf Dagan

Lost over 17kg (38punds) using NOZNOZ and reduced consumption of sweets: bakes, chocolate everything!

My name is Asaf Dagan, I am 40 years old from Israel and I had used NOZNOZ for 3 months.
The change I have gone through has been incredible! I managed to lose over 17 kilos (38 pounds) and completely change my way of life.

Well – you know what is the “Before”
and what is the “After”, right?  🙂 

After years of continues fighting to lose weight and dozens of unsuccessful diets, I have decided to try a new product – NOZNOZ.

I was surprised to learn that the use of NOZNOZ is so simple, you put it into your nose in the morning, and in the evening you take it out. I used NOZNOZ every day for 12 hours, when I am active and eating.

The adaptation was very fast, you barely feel it inside the nose, and because it is small and transparent nobody but myself even knew I have something inside my nose, people didn’t understand how I am losing weight.

It was the easiest diet I had ever done, and the reason for that is that while using the product I was way less occupied by thoughts about food and eating. I was able to concentrate on other matters without even thinking about food or feeling any hunger. This little product has silenced the constant hunger sensation in me and the non-stopping thoughts on food I used to have.

My general feeling was good, I was less hungry and felt full from eating smaller amounts of food. I can’t explain it, but for the first time in my life I felt I really prefer healthy food over fattening food, YES, I preferred the salad over the cake or the french-fries, it was easy.

My main weakness were sweets, bakes, chocolate, everything, and NozNoz helped me not wanting to eat sweets. This simple product decreased my cravings for sweet! Suddenly, when I looked at a pack of cookies I didn’t had the desire to eat it all, the cookies simply didn’t interest me at all.

Friends and people around me keep asking me how I did this change, and what I recommend for every person who is having issues with losing weight is to start using NozNoz. It helped me a lot! More then 17 kilos (38 pounds) lost in three months and I managed to adapt a new way of life!! Amazing!

*Participated in the pilot study