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Our compact NozNoz case contains a reusable pair of NozNoz be used over a two week period. Each NozNoz Kit includes two cases of NozNoz coming out to only $29.99 per pair! Buy a Kit with your individual size or partner with a friend and get our multi-size – fitting kit.



NozNoz is currently available in two sizes: size Small for small nostril and size Large for larger.
Our experience shows that for most women the Small size was a good fit, while for most men the Large size was the best fit. BUTYour best fit ultimately depends on your personal nose size and shape. For more input regarding sizes, please check the “How to use and FAQ” page.

Not sure about your size?

We recommend starting with the Fitting Kit which contains one pair of Small size NOZNOZ, and one pair of Large size NOZNOZ. This way you can try them both for size and choose your best fit.

If you know your size:



Your money back guarantee:
We want you to succeed with NOZNOZ!  

We know the product requires a short adaptation period, and we at NOZNOZ want to help you with it! Give the product a try! Contact our phone line for support, and our support team will help you through your adaptation period.
If you could not adapt to NozNoz, we guarantee your money back (see all terms).

Help us help you to succeed, NOZNOZ can change your life.

Need Help with ordering? Call our global support line:
+1-646-6930090 / +44-203-7476775

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NozNoz requires a short adaptation period. Most users experience a successful adaptation, but not all. Please follow the instructions for use provided with the product and contact our call center with any questions you may have.

NozNoz is currently available in two sizes. These two models are expected to fit many nose builds, but there is a possibility that none of them will fit your nose. Please check the instructions for use and this web site (“how to use”) for verifying that the size fits you.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible. In the USA it is expected to be delivered within five business days from ordering. For international deliveries, we estimate it may take from two days up to two weeks according to the destination.

Currently NozNoz can be delivered to US addresses, the European Union countries and Israel.

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