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Are you too sensitive to smells around you? Do you avoid daily activities just because you can’t stand the smell?

A new revolutionary device may help you!

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Meet NozNoz™
A revolutionary wearable device that designed to do just that. It decreases smelling capacity. And It is drug free - a wellness device!​

NozNoz™ is a new patented device specially designed to be located inside the nose- fully concealed.
It decreases smelling capacity while allowing breathing through the nose.
It’s like contact lenses-only for the nose: wear it in the morning and take it out at any time -simple. Provides you with full control – after you take it out you will return to smell as before.
Chic & Cool- It comes with a beautiful case to carry around in your purse or pocket.

NozNoz is drug free

It acts mechanically. NozNoz is simply directing air to bypass the olfactory system.

NozNoz requires a short adaptation period.
Most people will succeed to adapt, but not all, to comfort and other reasons.

Don’t live a life of avoidance or let the overwhelming odors around you hinder your experience, NozNoz might help you, it is definitely worth a try!

Breathing is a very basic action

Breathing, a very basic action we take every single moment, and important as it is, it comes along with smelling. We live in an odor rich environment, ranging from cleaning supplies, air fresheners, personal care products, and many more. Different people have different noses, each finds some smells to be pleasant while others will not. The “bombardment” of smells on our nose, in every simple routine activity can have affects such as headaches and dizziness to people sensitive to smells.

Sound familiar?

So, Should you give up and avoid very basic things simply due to the strong smell?? Not anymore!

Many people avoid simple daily acts, like going to work or walking through the cleaning material ail at the grocery store, simply because the smells are too strong and overwhelming for them.

It is very difficult to control the odors around us BUT what if we changed our perspective: instead of trying to control the air around us, we would focus on controlling how strongly we sense the smells in the air? And no- we don’t think that a mask covering your face is the right solution…

After all it is about our well-being!

NozNoz Nasal Device to Boost Weight Loss


high quality product especially for you

  • The brand name: NozNoz is – Because the NOSE KNOWS
  • Manufactured from a high quality soft bio-compatible material suited to the human nose.
  • Processed according to the ISO-13485 high quality standard.
  • It took us over 4 years to develop and prepare NozNoz. It is a state of the art product.
  • NozNoz is patented
  • Designed and manufactured in Israel to meet our high standards and requirements

Not sure if NOZ NOZ is for you? book a free consultation session with our experts. it’s FREE!
or call us to our Global Support Line +1-646-6930090.

Disclaimer: The product and statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is a general wellness product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results in the data provided may not be typical and your results may vary. Do not use before reading and understanding the full labeling including Warnings and Precautions

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