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Want to Cut Off Sugar Consumption?

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Cutting off sugar consumption? (and without suffering ☺) – A NEW AID

Meet NozNoz – The revolutionary product:

It’s a small, innovative, beautifully designed device- to seamlessly  wear in the nose to decrease smelling. A new comer from start-up nation. A wellness product name NozNoz.

In a small proof of concept clinical trial, NozNoz helped users to reduce consumption of sugar artificial sweeteners and sweet beverages

NOZNOZ – A new revolutionary aid

The small (yet ground breaking) proof of concept clinical trial of NozNoz

In a small proof of concept clinical trial, NozNoz helped users to reduce consumption of sugar. It also helped reducing consumption of sweet beverages and ..artificial sweeteners!

It was a 3 months controlled study of adults suffering from obesity. 65 participants completed the trial per protocol, 37 in the NozNoz group- used NozNoz for 5-12 hours daily, and 28 in control group using saline drops. Both groups received dietary consolation once in 2 weeks.

In this study, significantly more participants in the NozNoz group relatively to control, reported they reduced consumption of: sugar, artificial sweeteners and sweet beverages. The results were even more significant for people age 50 years or younger.
Data were obtained using a validated questionnaire

% of participants reporting consuming:

So, What is NozNoz and How It Works?

NozNoz™ is a wellness device designed for the nose- it decreases smelling and allows comfortable breathing. It’s like contact lenses-only for the nose, for daily use. Chic and cool- this new personal assistance is fully concealed in the nose. And it comes with a beautiful case to carry around in your pocket or purse.

NozNoz is drug free
Olfactory –physically comprises receptors for many metabolic related hormones, and is connected to brain. Reducing smelling may have beneficial effect over our food preferences and weight.
NozNoz acts mechanically: it directs air to bypass the olfactory system.

Because the NOSE KNOWS the way to HEALTHY EATING

NozNoz Nasal Device to Boost Weight Loss


high quality product especially for you

  • Manufactured from a high quality soft bio-compatible material, suited to the human nose.
  • Processed according to the ISO-13485 medical devices high quality standard.
  • Experts from different fields joined forces to create NozNoz- It is a state of the art product.
  • NozNoz is patented
  • Designed and manufactured in Israel (not in China or Bangladesh! In ISRAEL!)

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Disclaimer: The product and statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is a general wellness product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results in the data provided may not be typical and your results may vary. Do not use before reading and understanding the full labeling including Warnings and Precautions

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