Device to Boost Weight Loss ,help Suppress Appetite Eat Less

Want to Suppress Appetite & Eat Less? Use this New Device To Boost Weight Loss

 Credit: Courtesy of CNBC Channel

Watch how NOZNOZ helped users to stop hunger, reduce sweets craving, eat less and lose weight

The constant hunger, the uncontrolled food cravings, and the fall to emotional eating, are all related to physiological mechanisms in your BRAIN. Every day is a battle, and will power is your main “weapon”. 

However, in order to win this hard fight against these physiological mechanisms- you better recruit some physiological help. This will ease your way and help you win. Will power is usually not enough. Winning your own brain is almost impossible- without some help. 

The part of your brain that is directly connected to, and strongly influences all these eating causing areas in the brain– is the olfactory area located at the roof of your NOSE (yes it is part of the brain). This what makes the nose A Powerful Game Changer to help curb appetite and eat less– The nose may be the central gate to your eating.

NOZNOZ mechanically reduces the reach of  signals & odors to the olfactory area & brain to help “silence” the hunger and reduce eating, 
to naturally help :

  • Suppress Appetite & Reduce Hunger,
  • Reduce Food Cravings and Reduce Sugar Intake,
  • and Reduce the Amounts of Food Eaten.


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Watch how NOZNOZ users ate 50% less during a meal relatively to people who did not use NOZNOZ

 Credit: Courtesy of Channel 4 UK TV

NOZNOZ is very easy to use - watch to learn how to use and how it works


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NozNoz is currently available in two sizes: size Small for small nostril and size Large for larger- Depends on your personal nose size. For more input regarding sizes, please check the “How to use and FAQ” page.

Not sure about your size? Order the fitting kit now

We recommend starting with the Fitting Kit which contains one pair of Small size NOZNOZ, and one pair of Large size NOZNOZ. This way you can try them both for size and choose your best fit.

Need Help with ordering? Call our global support line:

Small size

For people with small nostrils.
$ 59
  • Contains: a four weeks supply Two pairs of Small size NozNoz™, Each pair is suitable for 14 days of use.

Fitting Kit

For people with Large nostrils.
$ 59
  • Contains: One pair of Each size NozNoz™ Each pair is suitable for 14 days of use

Large size

For people with Large nostrils.
$ 59
  • Contains: a four weeks supply Two pairs of Large size NozNoz™, Each pair is suitable for 14 days of use.
NozNoz user inserting NozNoz Device- Easy! To help Suppress Appetite & Reduce Sugar Intake

The revolutionary Israeli development for helping you eat less and boost weight loss safely and easily

NOZNOZ is a small Drug Free nasal device- it does not deliver any type of medicine or active material to your body- therefore it can be used freely and you can combine it with other things. It works purely mechanically.

NOZNOZ works by reducing the  reach of odors and other signals to the olfactory area. The olfactory area is part of the brain and it can directly affect our food cravings, emotions, hunger, satiety,  metabolism and eating behaviour in general.

NOZNOZ is aimed to naturally help  you suppress appetite, reduce un-wanted eating, reduce food cravings, and reduce the amounts of food eaten. Thus, helping you achieving your weight loss goals -Easily!


NozNoz requires a gradual adaptation of 3 days to 2 weeks. During this period you may experience increased mucous discharge, sneezing and other things as described in the instructions for use provided with the product. These side effects will diminish with adaptation. Once you will adapt you will hardly feel noznoz in your nose. Most users experience a successful adaptation, but not all. Please follow the instructions for use provided with the product and contact our global call center with any question. We are here to help you with the adaptation.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR OPENED NOZNOZ KITS. MEANING THAT IF YOU OPENED THE NYLON WRAP OF THE KIT- IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Due to the nature of the product you can only return and get refund for un-opened kits. Please read all terms and conditions

NozNoz is currently available in two sizes. These two models are expected to fit many nose builds, but there is a possibility that none of them will fit your nose. Please check the instructions for use and this web site (“how to use”) for verifying that the size fits you.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible. In the USA it is expected to be delivered within five business days from ordering. For international deliveries, we estimate it may take from two days up to few weeks according to the destination.

Currently NozNoz can be delivered to USA addresses, the European Union countries, Canada and Israel.

Currently we collect VAT/GST etc. only in part of the destinations.
In case you don’t see a tax charge added at the checkout – you may be required to pay local tax when collecting the parcel.

The product and statements on this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is a general wellness product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results in the data provided may not be typical and your results may vary.

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