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Losing Weight is Extremely Hard

Again and again you try to lose weight -> Succeed- >and then Re-Gain?? Like Yo-Yo

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It's Not Your Fault or "Lack of Will Power"!
There are Physiological Mechanisms In the Brain
That Make It So Damn Hard to Lose Weight & Keep It Off

You really want to lose weight, but you continuously have to fight the constant hunger and the strong crave to eat all the time- This is very hard! 

“This cake looks so delicious – I simply must eat it!!!! BUT it’s going to ruin my diet.. mm… so.. maybe just one little bite”

Sounds familiar? The truth is that every person who deals with body weight is well familiar with this internal (&eternal..) struggle between the cognitive decisions- supporting the weight loss, and the physiological hunger and need to eat everything we see – leading to over-eat.

Sadly, most diets eventually fail. Many times due to these constant hunger and cravings. These are physiological mechanisms in our brain that are very difficult to defeat once armed with will power alone- because they are real and very powerful.  

So how to lose weight and keep it off? How can we suppress appetite and diminish the constant hunger and need for food? How can we silence these eating driving mechanisms in the brain? 

Actually, in order to succeed you need to “turn-off” or “mute” these brain mechanisms. However.. this is the BRAIN we are talking about.. If it sounds complicated- you are right-it is!

The good news are that there is a simple solutions- and.. no- you don’t need to turn-off you brain  😊

It turns our that a central gate-
exactly to these eating evoking brain mechanisms -

The sense of smell (olfaction) is like a radar that constantly scans the environment for more food and signals, it is an ancient and survival mechanism. The olfactory area has a direct physical connection to the physiological mechanisms of the brain that produce the hunger and the need to eat. And it’s not just about the smells of food – it’s about our eating and weight management in general, what we see, the sweets we “need”, etc.:

And how is the sense of smell actually an important gateway to hunger in the brain?

In fact, the nose smell area (the “olfactory bulb”) is part of the brain itself, and is physically connected (and reflexively and prematurely – bypasses our willpower and thoughts) to brain and eating-related areas: to the amygdala – which is our emotional center, to reward centers that influence our temptations, addictions and desires, and the Hypothalamus who runs our metabolism activities affecting our hunger and satiety and the amount we eat. In addition, within the nasal organ itself (in the olfactory area), there are many receptors for hormones, and hormones themselves, related to the metabolic system and weight management (hunger, glucose management etc.). Therefore, the nose has a huge impact on hunger, on the quantities eaten, on what foods we want to eat, on how we response to temptations (of sight, smells and other), on our addictions, and in short on our weight.

Want to succeed?
Ease your endless coping with hunger, cravings & temptations - simply by "shutting down" / "quieting" your sense of smell and reducing the signals from it to the brain

HOW?? Use NozNoz

It’s A Physiological Aid 

to Mute  the Physiological Mechanisms that work against you


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