Most frequent questions and answers

Each standard kit of NozNoz contains 2 NozNoz sets. Each set is suited for 14 days of repeated use. After 14 days you should dispose the used set and obtain a new set to continue and use the product.

You can use NozNoz daily for up to 12 consecutive hours a day, while you are awake.

No. NozNoz shall be used only while you are awake.

NozNoz reduces smelling capacity only when it is worn in the nose. After taking it out, you will return to smell as before. NozNoz does not change the smelling sensors themselves. It doesn’t even touch them.

For most people NozNoz reduces smelling capacity, but for some people it may totally prevent smelling once in the nose. It depends on your personal nose.

Different people have different noses. NozNoz is currently available in 2 sizes:

  • NozNoz™ Size 1 is best suited for small size nose.
  • NozNoz™ Size 3 is best suited for larger size nose.

Especially for this we had created the “Fitting Kit”. If you don’t know your size we recommend you start with a Fitting Kit. Each Fitting Kit contains 1 set of NozNoz™ size 1- for small nostrils, and 1 set of NozNoz™ size 3 for larger ones. In many cases women found size 1 to be more comfortable for them and men preferred size 3, but it depends on your personal nose shape and size.

If you are having a runny nose you should cease using NozNoz until you recover.

NozNoz is made out of soft material and is specially designed to fit the unique anatomy of the nose. For most people NozNoz requires a short gradual adaptation period. Once you get used to it, you will not feel it anymore. You should follow the instructions for use provided with the package.

If you order before June 7th 2018, we estimate that you will receive it on August 2018. We will ship it to you once it is ready. We are doing our best to try and provide it quickly.

We will notify you regarding the progress, and once shipped you will receive notification with tracking number. In addition, you can always send us an e-mail with your order number to find out the status.

Yes. You can return the product to us if the package is un-opened and sealed, within 14 days from receiving it. You will get a full refund, with reduction of our shipping costs and credit card/PayPal fees. If you cancel before we shipped it, you will get a full refund. All according to the terms as specified in our return policy. Please see full details in our return policy.